Harrods Window Display

After visiting The Fabric of India at the V&A, I came across Harrods beautiful window display following the launch of their new soft toy: Papinee Happy Monkey – a monkey who brings happiness to all. Embroidered with colourful ‘lucky’ charms – including a four leaf clover, hearts, horseshoe and a hamsa hand – Happy Monkey is set to bring happiness and joy.

This little vibrant, decorative monkey is also a collaboration with NSPCC: everytime someone purchases him, one of Harrods ‘inpire kits’ – which includes a storybook, colouring cards, colouring pencils and other creative tools – will be sent to a child in need, giving them the gift of imagination. This creativity is reflected in the window display as tropical plants or forests are never seen covered in frost or snow as they are usually in countries of hot climates, where it never snows! Who would have thought the contrast would look so beautiful? My eyes were enticed by the layers upon layers of white palm leaves – some amazing textile inspo!

It’s not hard to spot colourful Papinee Happy Monkey in Harrods all white tropical winter wonderland window display. He is seen either peeping out of the layers of palm leaves, grass and water lillies or hanging off a palm tree. The all white theme is perfect for this time of the year as it reflects winter time, as if it is all covered in snow and frosty. In contrast, the tropical theme brings exotic feels into this cold City in this time of the year.


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